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Actors Gael García Bernal;
scores 3669 votes;
Countries Spain;
Writer Fernando Morais





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Olivier Assayas’ Wasp Network’ had the opportunity for substantial dramatic material with its fascinating based-on-a-true-story plot and a star-studded cast. Unfortunately, the story is so jam-packed with various narratives and characters it becomes convoluted, confusing, and tiring to watch. Quite a mess.


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I enjod watching the film.
After that I read more about Cuba’s past and present because of this movie which I’d like to share.
” Cuba’s original inhabitants were the Ciboney and Guanahatabey people. About a thousand years ago, the Taino people from Venezuela took over the island. In 1511, forces from Spain defeated the Taino and claimed the island as a Spanish territory.
The Spanish forced many of the Taino people into slave labour. Most died from overwork and from diseases brought by the Europeans. Hundreds of thousands of African slaves were then brought to Cuba, mainly to plant and harvest sugarcane.?
American forces helped drive the Spanish out of Cuba in 1898, and by 1902, Cuba had won independence. However, the United States had a strong influence over the island until 1959, when the communist revolutionaries took control, led by Fidel Castro.
Cuba is a socialist state run by the Cuban Communist Party. Cubans vote for their leaders, but the communist party is the only legal party. Fidel Castro was president, prime minister and commander of the armed forces until February 2008, when his brother, Raúl Castro, took over. In 2018, a new leader took over, Miguel Díaz-Canel.
The United States had been hostile toward Cuba since the communists took power in 1959. National Geographic)
And remember. The US aggression and an economic embargo’s been there for more than 50 years. The Cubans don’t want to be a slave nation again. This film made me think about these so it is a success.

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Script isn’t worth a penny, direction all over the place, cardboard acting; the only redeeming features are Ana de Armas, who is a feast for the eyes and Penelope Cruz who, even tho not her younger self, is still woth a look. Otherwise it would’ve got a big zero from me.

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